Activity Updates - Sustainable Infrastructure Program

The primary campus construction activities are concluding with startup, commissioning, and restoration occurring across the Oberlin campus, moving us closer to our goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. The Sustainable Infrastructure Program (SIP) will eliminate the majority of campus greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency, reduce campus water consumption, improve building comfort, and reduce operating costs. Landscaping, hardscaping (sidewalks and drives), and preparing buildings for move-in continue to be heavy areas of focus for the construction team.

Street closures should be completed for the season, although there may be some periodic traffic restrictions to allow for repaving and final restoration.

This year’s underground work included the installation of hot water and chilled water pipes from the Services Building and heading north to Union Street Housing, in the general vicinity of Woodland Street. The contractor is continuing to install geothermal water pipes at the central Services Building and up near the north practice fields.

As construction activities across the majority of the campus wind down, we will also be winding down regular construction updates for the season.


Wayfinding August 8 – August 14, 2022
Contractor Parking Plan June 6 – August 15, 2022

Week of August 8, 2022

Road Closures and Traffic Disruptions

  • No road closures are planned for this week.

Signage and Fencing

  • Work zones will continue to diminish. Check the wayfinding maps to identify specific pedestrian detours.

Site Prep and Staging

  • The construction team is utilizing work and laydown areas in the following staging areas, which are protected by fencing:
    • At the Central Services Building parking lot on the east side of the building.
    • In the northern portion of the Cox-Finney parking lot.
    • In the Rice-King parking lot.
    • In the Talcott parking lot.
    • In the Lord-Saunders parking lot.


  • No significant abatement activities are planned.

Building Conversions and Improvements

  • Renovation work will continue in Cox Administration. Campus leadership has been relocated to Carnegie and Daub House.
  • Building conversion work will conclude in North-Langston, Union Street Housing, Barrow Hall, Finney Chapel, Warner Center, Dascomb, Talcott Hall, and Lord-Saunders, and these buildings will be prepared for move-in.
  • Some continued startup, commissioning, testing, and balancing will need to occur in these buildings as the new systems begin to operate. Workers will be present and will follow all appropriate notification and chaperoning protocol.

Distribution Pipe Installation and Plant Conversion

  • Backfilling and restoration will be completed on the western side of the Science Center, along Woodland Street.
  • Restoration will continue on the south and east side of North-Langston.
  • Water line installation will be completed on the east side of Cox Administration, along with surface restoration.
  • Excavation and pipe installation will begin for the geothermal pipe off the northwest corner of the track.
  • Site restoration, hardscaping, paving, and landscaping will progress throughout other areas of the campus.


  • There will be some parking restrictions on Woodland Street. Parking signage should be closely followed on Woodland Street and Union Street.
  • The Finney, Rice-King, and Lord-Saunders parking lots will be closed.
  • Contractor parking will be on the eastern portion of the Willard Court Lot, the Hollywood Lot (full parking lot), Gray Gables (as designated for contractor parking), and in the Phillips Gym Lot.

Please be aware that heavy equipment is active and on campus throughout the day. Safety is our highest priority, and we ask for your help to ensure everyone is paying attention and alert while walking through campus.

Other Work on Campus

Beyond the Sustainable Infrastructure Program, some other work activities on campus will have an impact on pedestrian and bike traffic. The Center for Engaged Liberal Arts (CELA) project continues in the Mudd building. This project involves a renovation of Mudd A-level into new student counseling, engagement and activity space. It involves a complete rebuild of the former Center for Information Technology spaces and lower courtyard enhancements to all direct access to CELA from the A-level courtyard. This work includes installation of a new concrete ADA ramp for the lower courtyard. The new concrete work will be completed this spring. In support of this work, the sidewalk heading in the southwest direction from Mudd Library will be designated for equipment, and wayfinding signs will identify pathways for pedestrians and bikers to follow.

For questions regarding the Mudd/CELA project, please contact Brad Burrer at ude.n1670084890ilreb1670084890o@rer1670084890rubb1670084890 (440-935-0909).

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